Optimal Layout

The ultimate window manager, for Mac OS X

Optimal Layout's window

Instantly switch to the window you want

Just start typing the name of the app, window or browser tab you want.
This is the fastest way to switch windows; no more hunting around for the right one.

Easily arrange groups of windows to fill your screen

Position windows instantly with keyboard shortcuts or rapidly draw windows into position using your mouse.
Leaving you with a neatly arranged screen so you can see & do more.

Note, Optimal Layout is not currently under active development but it's free and (mostly) works.

Find the window you want

Optimal Layout type to search window

Get straight to the window or tab you want by typing part of it's name.

Optimal Layout will filter it's list of windows to show application, window and tab titles that match the search text. This is the quickest way to get to the window you want.

Organize your workspace

Neatly arranged screen

Transform the chaos of a messy desktop into neatly arranged windows and easily see all the information you want.

Optimal Layout gives you the best tools for organizing your applications windows, letting you enjoy a richer & more ordered screen.


Switch between applications, windows & tabs

  • Type to search the list of windows or tab through them all.
  • Tab listing for Safari & Terminal.
  • Replace the default command-tab app switcher with Optimal Layout.

Position windows on a grid using your mouse

  • Cycle through the list of windows and draw each one into position.
  • Move windows between displays with a shortcut, button, or three finger trackpad swipe.

Save Custom Window Positions

  • Apply pre-defined window positions at any time with a keyboard shorcut or buttons.
  • Save new window positions to suit your workspace.

Move & Resize Windows from the keyboard

  • Seamlessly move & resize windows with keyboard shortcuts - no need to bring up Optimal Layout.
  • Jump windows to screen edges, filling half or quarter of the screen.
  • Smoothly move across the screen and they snap into alignment.
  • Resize a window and the neighbouring windows can correspondingly adjust in size.

Customize Optimal Layout's style

  • Set the size of the preview and whether the window fills the preview or displays it relative to it's screen location.
  • Set the font, size & color for all of Optimal Layout user interface elements.
  • Completely hide the window list, preview or position buttons.
  • Set Optimal Layout's window size and location.
  • Tell Optimal Layout to ignore specific windows or entire applications.
  • Customise all the keyboard shortcuts.


AWESOME - I love, love, love, love, love this app!!! It's SO nice to be able to control windows using the keyboard... Thank you Most Advantageous for a great, easy-to-use app! - brettcito
Great app. I really like this app for quickly arranging windows on my dual monitor setup. The interface is intuitive and, dare I say, even *fun* to use.. - antidigerati
Fantastic Program - Huge for Productivity I have been an OptimalLayout user for about 18-months and I LOVE IT. When you jump on someone elses Mac, you painfully see how useful the program is. = ThusSpake