Optimal Layout

The ultimate window manager, for Mac OS X

Tabs: Google Chrome & Other Apps

Currently Optimal Layout can only list tabs from Safari and Terminal.
Support for Google Chrome's tabs have been removed due to the instability and poor performance it caused.

I've also looked closely at tab support for Firefox, iTerm and many other apps but it's not currently viable as it relies on the developers of those apps adding support for it.

Incompatible Apps

A small number of applications don't display correctly or may not be positioned by Optimal Layout.
This includes the Adode CS applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator

This is an inherent limitation with the way these applications were developed.
You can tell Optimal Layout to ignore applications by right clicking on the window name and selecting from the drop down menu.

Mavericks Compatibility

Optimal Layout is fully compatible with OS X Mavericks but must be granted permission to control your computer in the Security & Privacy System Preference.

When you first run Optimal Layout it will display this alert. Press the "Open System Preferences" button:

Mavericks Privacy Alert

In the Privacy System Preference, click on the lock in the bottom left corner and enter your password.
Next click on the checkbox beside Optimal Layout.

Mavericks Privacy System Preference

Finally, relaunch Optimal Layout.

If this doesn't work enter the following command in Terminal:

tccutil reset Accessibility
Then open Optimal Layout and add it to the Privacy preference again.

OS X 10.6 Compatibility and earlier.

You can download an older version of Optimal Layout which works with OS X 10.6 HERE.
Optimal Layout is not available for earlier versions of OS X.

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

optioncontrolF Activate OL & begin searching the list of windows.
You may like to customize this shortcut in Optimal Layout's Preferences.
Release the option key and the highlighted window will be activated.
You can replace the default command-tab application switcher in Preferences.
option1-5 Position the highlighted window.
The positions are displayed in the title bar.
Use option-command-[1-5] as a shortcut to position a window when OL isn’t visible.
optionS Save the highlighted window position.
The shortcut can be global, so it works in other applications.
optioncontrolarrow Move a window. This is a global shortcut, so can be used without activating OL.
optioncontrolshiftarrow Resize a window.
Also a global shortcut.

Something's gone wrong, how do I reset Optimal Layout?

Open Optimal Layout's Preferences, select the General tab and and press the button in the bottom left corner "Reset All Preferences."

Alternatively you can return Optimal Layout to it's default settings by quitting Optimal Layout and deleting the following files:

Where ~ indicates your home folder.
(It's possible only one of these files will exist, so just delete the one you find).